The Rainmakers Dilemma

How your greatest strength as an entrepreneur becomes a debilitating weakness in your business

Discover 9 strategies to get out of your own way so you can Grow your Leadership, Develop your Team, Scale your Business and Make a Difference!

Here Are A Few Things That You'll Learn:

Why your ability to persuade customers and make sales is actually making your business less and less valuable.
Based on the responses from over 60,000 businesses the two defining characteristics of a Rainmaker
Why Rainmakers are HALF as likely to receive an offer than another type of business owner!
Why the BACKGROUND of who you have on your team is more important than you ever realized!
Learn 9 key strategies to untangle yourself from the day to day grind and level yourself up and make your business more valuable starting today!
Why MOST entrepreneurs are focusing all their effort on the WRONG thing… (at the end of the day, being a “_____” will create a glass ceiling of value

Hey, I’m Bradley Hamner, Founder of Business Growth Curator, and I have to ask…

Are you sick of working 10x harder now than when you started your business only to realize fewer and fewer results from the time spent working "in" your business?

I know I was…

You see, When I started my first business in 2010, I had one skill and that was that I could SELL. What other skill did I need right?  

I started completely from SCRATCH! No customers, no leads, nothing other than a desire to win and the skill to win over customers one at a time.

Dan Sullivan, Founder of Strategic Coach, may have said it best..."What got you out of Egypt, won't get you to the promised land". Truer words have never been spoken!

You see, everyone was telling me to focus only on what I am GOOD at, even GREAT or UNIQUE at!  

Well, I was doing JUST that and my business continued to plateau.  

It was flat even though I was working 60-70 hours per week, so much so that in July of 2015, I found myself in the hospital at the ripe age of 34 thinking I was having a heart attack.
What happened next changed the course of my life forever...
And now I want to offer you the exact same thing…

A way to “buy back your time" by architecting your business so it works for you instead of you working for it.
I guarantee you we can turn back the clock and bring you back to why you started your business in the first place...FREEDOM!  

Freedom to do WHAT you want, WHEN you want, with WHO you want and have the MONEY to do so.


Alex: went from $0 in recurring revenue to $18,126 MRR in 11 months
Rob: went from $0 in revenue to $110k/month in 13 months
Dave: went from working 55 hours a week to less than 35 hours / week in less than 6 months

Are you ready to Grow your Leadership, Develop your Team, and Scale your Business so that you can actually enjoy YOUR BUSINESS?

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